今、海外インスタグラマーの間でじわじわ流行しているハッシュタグ #stylechallenge は、漫画やイラスト好きなら必見。




1. 自分自身で考えたキャラクターをまず描く 
2. そのキャラをべースに、有名漫画家やイラストレーターに似せた画風で何人か描く





7月11日に投稿されたAutumnさんの呼びかけに応じ、ハッシュタグ #stylechallenge を付けた作品がインスタグラムに続々と投稿されています。いまだにその数は増え続け、かなりの盛り上がりを見せています。これからも、ますます作品の数は増えていくに違いありません。

絵を描くのが得意な方なら、見ていてきっとウズウズするだろうし、参加してみたくなっちゃうはず。もちろん、絵心のない方でも眺めているだけで十分楽しめるので、興味を持たれた方はハッシュタグ #stylechallenge をのぞいてみて♪

参照元:Instagram [@beautifulness87 #stylechallenge]
執筆=田端あんじ (c)Pouch

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Hey everyone! I decided to do the style challenge again, but this time attempting the styles of other artists. I've deliberately left their names out in case you'd like to guess who they are (hopefully! I did my best but I know these aren't perfect; they're tagged if you need the answers). I really admire all of these artists, and attempting their styles was so difficult, but incredibly rewarding. I really encourage everyone to do something like this, because you learn so much from it. I can already see the issues that I would fix with my own art after studying these artists. I put a lot of groundwork into it too beforehand! I watched any videos that they have to offer; tutorials, step by steps, as well as browsing through most of their art multiple times. I've recorded the process too, so I'll upload that to my YouTube in a few days. I'm probably going to attempt some more, especially with artist styles that are massively different to my own, so feel free to suggest! ❤️ #stylememe

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